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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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around winchester and leesburg. anne arundel, northern portions of montgomery county and frederick, that's for the area that's going to be most impacted by this storm. we do think that's going to be the best chance for significant accumulation, over three, four, five inches. winter storm warning 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. now, there's not much on the radar now. sna as a matter of fact it's clear. off to the west we are starting to see the storm system move in. here is the rain, the first batch that will try to move into the area over the next few hours. the snow back to the west. this is what we'll continue to watch. right now, veronica, the numbers are into the 40s and even tonight we're above freezing. >> that's right. it's early tomorrow morning when the temperatures really start to tumble and late tomorrow evening when we're closing to the critical mark around 32 to 35 degrees. let me show you what we're talking about here because this is a look at early tomorrow morning. 32 up in baltimore. 33 hagerstown. only 31 in frederick. 33 in leesburg. these are the areas closer to that winter storm warning where
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most of your snow will start accumulating, but d.c. down south, i-95, 301 we're around 35 degrees and just fine. again, our temperatures for the evening, 37 to 41, so we've got a warm pa. avement and it's mai showers we will see move in first. early tomorrow morning that's what you're looking at here, mainly snow with roads becoming slick. as we make our way throughout the day tomorrow, midday, more snow covered roads. in fact, by the time we get to tomorrow evening becoming more hazardous and slick because there could, in fact, be several inches on some of our area roads, especially up north like areas toward baltimore, howard county, montgomery county. >> we're going to talk much more about the timing of this system and the next system that moves in. we've got it all for you coming up in a couple minutes. >> thanks, guys. crews in both maryland and virginia have been out treating roads ahead of this weather system headed our way, but the rain could create a challenge for those road crews trying to treat the roads.
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adam tuss will give us a firsthand look at some of the storm preps across the suburbs. in the district more than 200 truck are out pretreating the roads right now. they're salting and sanding bridges, main thoroughfares and residential roads, too. trucks will be out after the snowfall tonight in case more treatment or plowing is needed. now, d.c. is working to prevent a repeat of that snowy commute that stranded drivers days before our blizzard. >> we don't want to get caught by surprise in case, you know, we get an earlier storm than predicted. so we want to have them out there treating the roads and ready to treat even more if we get some that comes earlier during the rush hour. >> metro officials tell us they plan to offer regular weekday rail service tomorrow with extra crews out to help clear the platforms, sidewalks, and the parking lots. metrobus will operate on a moderate snow plan tomorrow. that means some routes will not operate, and others may detour to avoid hilly terrain and
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narrow streets. you can always download the nbc washington app and set severe weather alerts, including winter weather alerts. now to some breaking news we've been following today. in prince george's county, explosive details just emerged in a child pornography investigation involving an elementary school volunteer. jackie bensen is live at police headquarters with more about this. hi, jackie. >> reporter: doreen, the allegations in this case are absolutely stomach-turning. prince george's county police just finished up a press conference. they told us that 22-year-old deonte carraway is an elementary school aide that they have uncovered 40 videos containing what the chief described as vial sexual acts. some of them filmed during the school day at several locations. they believe judge sylvania woods elementary school, glenarden municipal center where he was a choir instructor, the teresa baption aquatic center as
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well as private homes. as i said, carraway is the director of the glenarden voices of youth choir. now, a short time ago as i said, police had a press conference here. this is what they had to say. >> right now he is charged with ten counts -- >> we believe that carraway targeted his young victims and videotaped vial sexual acts between minors during the school day on school grounds at judge sylvania woods elementary school in glenarden. in addition to the elementary school, detectives believe sex abuse and/or child pornography videos were also produced at the glenarden municipal center, the teresa banks memorial aquatic center, as well as inside private homes. >> reporter: now, as to how this came to the attention of police, we're told that on thursday family members noticed a pornographic image on the phone
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of a child. they noticed that it had been sent to the child using the kik app which is very popular right now with the preteen and teenage set. they figured out it came from carraway. police questioned him. he was arrested saturday and at that time we are told this case went from one victim to ten at this time, and police certainly want to know if there is the pock possibility that there are any more. carraway is being held on a $1 million bond. jackie bensen, news4. >> jackie, thank you. her family says she'd had a troubled life and tonight they tell us they fear for her safety. no one has seen or heard from rose ditoro since late last week when she left a hotel in prince william county. news4's pat collins talked with those who know her best. he's live outside the comfort suites in manassas.
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pat? >> reporter: jim, it was back on february 3rd that rose disappeared from this hotel in manassas. she had no money. she had no cell phone. she had no car. what happened to rose? elizabeth ditoro makes an impassioned plea for her sister to come home. >> no matter what you're feeling, you're loved. you always have been and you always will be. we really are the only people that have your best interest at heart. >> reporter: rose ditoro is 23 years old. she's been missing now for more than five days. she has green highlights in her hair and a tattoo across her fingers that says hold fast. rose ditoro was last seen walking alone down the back steps of the comfort suites hotel. it was 3:51 in the morning on february the 3rd.
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she was caught on surveillance video by that camera up there. they say she didn't have a jacket or coat on. all she had in her hand was a pack of cigarettes. >> she is a young girl who has train wrecked so quickly in the last four years that it's sickening the amount of trauma that she's wherestood. >> reporter: her family describes rose as a troubled young woman. she suffers from a bipolar disorder and has a history of drug abuse. her boyfriend brought her to the hotel last week to rest and recover after she had what they described as a bipolar episode. >> i do think, yeah, some harm has befallen her she's preventing her from surfacing. >> reporter: now, coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from rose's boyfriend. doreen, back to you. >> pat collins reporting. let's hope they find her soon.
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thank you, pat. on the other side of the potomac, police went into a wooded area of germantown in montgomery county searching for another woman who has also been missing since last week. nobody has had any contact with nancy strohmeyer since last wednesday evening. we're told that she suffers from alzheimer's disease and family members are concerned because she doesn't have her medicine. metro leaders will now talk about that near head-on collision during their board meeting this thursday. that story was first brought to light by news4. two trains nearly crashed at the smithsonian station on friday. a train operator went through a red signal on the tracks. the federal transit administration is investigating. they tell us metro has shown a pattern of red light running on those tracks. the man accused in a deadly attack at a rock climbing area in montgomery county pleaded guilty today to voluntary manslaughter. david dipalo is accused of hitting jeffrey farer in the head with a hammer at the carter
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rock recreation area in december of 2013. the avid climbers were seen arguing before the attack. dipalo is set to be sentenced in may. he could spend up to 15 years in prison. doreen? the man who stabbed two strangers at a metrobus stop in montgomery county says he's sorry but his apology in court today will not be enough. he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. news4's meagan fitzgerald reports now on testimony from one of the victims before the judge handed down a decision. >> reporter: in many ways, what happened inside a montgomery county courtroom was closure for two men brutally attacked at the rockville metrobus stop by 39-year-old reginald cooper, who learned today he will likely spend the rest of his life in jail. >> 60 years in prison. >> reporter: it was around 6:00 a.m. on december 15th, 2014. this video shows cooper walking towards the rockville metro stop. moments later police say he
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randomly stabbed two victims. >> in the liver. he was rushed to a suburban hospital after this attack where his life was saved and he stabbed the other young man in the back. both had life-threatening injuries. >> reporter: several witnesses boarding the bus that morning saw the attack happen. one of the victims was francisco ramos. he was in court and spoke to the judge moments before cooper was sentenced. with the help of a translator, he said, quote, my life is not the same anymore. everything has changed. no other person should have to go through this. the judge agreed saying, quote, it's absolutely crystal clear that cooper is a danger to the community. but the state's attorney says he's now one less criminal citizens have to worry about. >> it's pretty frightening to think you can be on your way to work and have somebody you have never seen before in your life attack you with a knife. it's terrifying, but this man will remain in jail i think
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hopefully for the remainder of his life. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news4. demonstrators associated with the black lives matter movement gathered outside the fairfax detention center to mark the one year anniversary of the death of natasha mckenna. prosecutors called the case a tragic accident. the sheriff's department ended its use of stun guns in the jail following mckenna's death. getting ready for what's coming. crews here in virginia loading up. they're getting ready for a big night. we'll tell what you they're doing to prepare for the storm, coming up. and surely you've noticed you're paying a lot less for gas at the pumps. we found out why the prices are falling and why we haven't seen the bottom yet. and a family narrowly escapes a gas explosion despite
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reporting a smell days before the suspected gas leak. find out what's being done about it to keep everybody safe.
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i'm tracking the latest on storm team4 radar. the temperatures still up into the low to mid-40s right now, and that means anything that
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moves in is going to be rain. we do have some rain showers moving in very close toward the shartsvil charlottesville area. expect rain first. that rain eventually switching to snow by early tomorrow morning. much more on this coming up in a couple minutes. >> all right, doug. thank you. slick roads are guaranteed with a forecast like this. crews are out pretreating what they can already hoping to stay ahead of this storm and keep you safe. our transportation reporter adam tuss joins us now live from leesburg with the latest on road preps there. adam, what are you finding? >> reporter: well, jim, you know, out here they're preparing for about 4 to 6 inches of snow, 4 on the small sides. so the trucks have been coming in and loading up with these kind of machines. they're getting the sand and salt going. my friend joe nice enough to stand on it up of his bulldozer. he's going to be here until about 7:00. it's going to be a busy night for these crews.
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and so the storm dance begins again. >> no blizzard but we still could get up to four inches of snow or so. >> reporter: this could be tougher to deal with because of the possibility of rain first. that could wash away a lot of the chalky chemical you see on the roads. >> we applied the brine last week because we thought some would come in over the weekend. we've deployed some additional trucks tonight because if this comes in as rain, it washes most of that brine operation away, so we're going to overcompensate that by bringing in additional trucks. >> reporter: while this is a tricky forecast and this is going to be the biggest thing to watch with this storm because the conditions and the amount of snow we get could vary. in places like here in tyson's corner to right here in reston where the snow could start inching its way up, here in downtown leesburg where they will be keeping a close eye on the storm, and up here in point of rocks, maryland, where the
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snow could definitely pile up, that's why the storm is so tricky. the totals will vary depending where you are in the region. maryland crews say they expect things to pick up as the night moves along. in d.c. residents getting ready but they don't expect much. >> i mean, they're talking about 1 to 3 inches but i don't even think -- we'll probably get 1 inch. >> reporter: some road crews asking you move your car to your driveway and off the street so they can get the roads plowed and back to pavement quickly. and back here in the vdot yard as my buddy joe pulls the bulldozer into the salt dome and gets it ready to go, these guys are going to be out here for a while, but they want nothing but snow to fall. they say that will make their job a whole lot easier. tell you more about that neck hour at 6:00. doreen, back to you. >> okay, adam tuss, thank you. an animal rescue facility in delaware is working to save dozens of keys contaminated by that oil slick in the potomac river, but a sad development today.
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one wild goose rescued from the spill has died. the first test results on the oil slick are giving officials some idea what that substance is. apparently it contains fuel oil, but they still don't know where it's coming from. the slick was first spotted a week ago just north of reagan national airport and had spread all the way down to the wilson bridge. news4's mark segraves is live along the potomac with the latest on this. mark? >> reporter: good evening, doreen. we should stress that those test results are very preliminary showing that fuel oil is what has been in the river. take a look down here now. the lighting is just perfect this time of evening to show you that rainbow sheen that we've been talking about for so many days here, still plaguing the shoreline of the potomac river. you will recall last week we reported that a local utility, dominion power, had had a mineral oil spill at a location not far from where most of the oil has been found. now that the test results are in
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showing it's fuel oil, one of the first questions the coast guard was asked today is whether these findings clear dominion power from any responsibility, and the answer was it's just too soon to say. >> dominion has been supportive of this. they provided samples for us, so we'll be able to analyze that and hopefully make a good determination if it's a match, but right now we're just right now still continuing the investigation to try to identify that. >> reporter: today the sheen left behind from the oil spill is still clearly visible as the coast guard ramped up its efforts along the potomac river and the roaches run sanctuary. the oil spill was first reported on february 1st. since then federal and local agencies have been working to contain the spill, clean it up, rescue wildlife from the area, and to determine the cause. today additional flotation devices were deployed to help contain the spill which stretched eight miles along the potomac river from just above
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reagan national airport down river to wilson bridge. the majority of the oil is located in this lake along gw parkway. so far more than 20 oil-covered kaund geese have been rescued and taken to a wildlife facility in delaware for decontamination. >> we will hopefully get them eating on their own. we'll start to provide them food and we'll start to acclimate them to the outdoors. we'll move them into appropriate caging and we will provide them everything they need to basically be reconditioned to be released back into their natural habitat. >> reporter: now, again, important to note that these test results still inconclusive as to the source. they do not know where the oil is coming from, but they say it has basically been contained to this area. doreen, back to you. >> mark segraves reporting. thank you, mark. he died of a broken neck in the back of a police van, but the officers accused in the death of freddie gray may not face a judge anytime soon. we'll find out why. well, schools will really be
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paying attention to doug's forecast up next. he'll explain why winter storm delays or closures could depend on where you live and we will have the up to the minute reports on any school plans right here on news4 at 5:00 and on our
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kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. and taking a look at what
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we're going to be seeing over the next -- really the next 12 to 24 hours. i do think by this time tomorrow night things should start to wind down but it's going to go right on through early tomorrow evening. that evening rush tomorrow we think will be the most problematic. tonight's rush hour no big deal. we don't have any significant weather happening right now. temperatures are well above freezing. not just well above freezing, we're 45 right now. we're above average. winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour with the cloud cover moving in across the region. those clouds are thickening, lowering across the area, too. down to 43 in la ray. 43 in winchester, but everybody is so warm that when this moves in, we will see it start as rain. we have winter weather vid advisories all the way back to the west areas here in the purple and the pink including northern portions of montgomery county, frederick county, anne arundel. these are the areas under the winter storm warnings and the
5:25 pm
areas with the highest potential for the major impacts for the snow. definitely agree with the national weather service. they have done a nice job with this map as we make our way through the next couple days. the radar picture, notice here is the shower activity coming towards culpepper. and again this is rain. it will start as rain and most likely stay rain right through 10:00, 11:00 continue. the monster storm a blizzard going on right now up towards boston, halifax, nova scotia. here comes our system and it's not really just one storm. it's very disorganized. that's because it's really a few storms, three different storms. one moving up towards the great lakes. another one moving our way, and then this second one moving our way. so these are all going to kind of rotate around each other and where they set up, that's the reason why this is kind of a tough forecast. if they set up low, then d.c. gets hit. set up to the north, then baltimore gets hit and that's what we're thinking. that's the bull's-eye, the baltimore area we think. tonight at 11:00, notice the
5:26 pm
rain. just about everybody seeing the rain around 11:00 but switching over to the snow by early tomorrow morning. baltimore, d.c., i-95 north and westward. fredericksburg and down towards southern maryland, this may stay all rain for you, at least mostly rain, but to the north where we are expecting the heaviest snow totals this, will stay all snow. here is 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. 11:00 tomorrow night. still dealing with the snow and then it's all out of here by early on menwednesday. we have you at 1 to 3 inches, warrenton, d.c., waldorf. d.c. an inch, inch and a half at the airport. fredericksburg, not much at all. to the north we're expecting 1 to 3 in fairfax. here is the 3 to 6, columbia, federal ri frederick, gaithersburg. we expect to see significant school closures during the day tomorrow so make sure you download the nbc washington app. great area to do that to find out about those closings. 38 tomorrow. 38 on wednesday.
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and then it's just plain cold. 29 a high on thursday. 32 on friday. windchills on thursday in the single digits. we're talking the coldest air of the season and it gets even colder for the valentine's holiday. m >> doug, three separate storms working on this. is this one of those deals where a few miles here or there could make a difference and we get no snow? >> that's exactly right, doreen. i would not be surprised if, say, you know, bethesda picked up three inches and across the river down towards tysons we picked up maybe half an inch to an inch. this is not going to be everybody gets the same amount of snow. there will be variations inside just a few miles. >> all right. >> we don't like those forecasts. those are the hardest ones. >> you prefer the one a couple weeks ago. >> the blizzard, that was a fairly easy forecast. >> just go big with it. >> thank you, doug. the man accused of putting a hit out on his own uncle is back
5:28 pm
on trial. why this case let to change in the prince george's county jail system. plus in new hampshire, it's the eve of a critical primary and lester holt is there with a one-on-one with marco rubio in the wake of a debate performance still generating a lot of buzz. i'm jewelry carey in woodbrid woodbridge, virginia, where they're still looking for the cause of a gatis explosion that tore through the house [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room.
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you're watching news4 at 5:00. tonight a wood bridge family credits firefighters with saving their lives from a gas explosion that rocked their house. >> the family says washington gas first told them it was safe to stay in their home at franklin street and west longview drive. bureau chief julie carey joins us live from the scene. turns out it wasn't so safe, huh, julie? >> reporter: well that house behind me on the corner, the back windows blown out by that explosion. a washington gas spokesman tells me tonight that they have surveyed the area and it is safe for the residents that are here. but as you can see behind me, the investigation continues into how this explosion happened. the after math of an apparent natural gas explosion. the drywall blasted from the stairwell. this photo shows a door cracked in two by the force.
5:32 pm
>> i was called over that the house had exploded. >> reporter: but thankfully vicky found her family safe. a 911 call from someone who smelled gas outside on the street brought firefighters to the scene. they began going door to door. their gas meter read so high here they immediately evacuated the family. with her daughter translating, maria rivera describes what happened next. >> translator: we were just literally seconds crossing the street and not even that much time went by that the house blew. >> reporter: maria and her daughter tear up imagining what could have happened. >> translator: the fire marshal told me if they would have been in the house and not been evacuated, they wouldn't be here right now. >> reporter: now the family wants to know why washington gas told them earlier it was safe to stay in the home. they first began smelling natural gas in the middle of last week. washington gas crews responded and broke through the street to look for the source. by friday night though the smell was overpowering. >> the smell was horrible.
5:33 pm
you just couldn't stand the smell. they came out, they checked. they said everything was fine, that the gas smell was going to be okay, we could stay in the house. >> reporter: a specokesman says until their investigation is complete he can't comment on what might have caused the explosion or what the family might have. told. he says safety is the company's number one priority. new at of:6:00, you will hear f the chief of the firefighters that rushed that family to safety. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. three more baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray could have their trials delayed. edward nero's trial is set for two weeks from today. officer garrett miller and lieutenant brian rice are set to be tried next month. prosecutors asked for a delay in those trials until a decision is made on whether officer william porter will be called as a
5:34 pm
witness. porter's manslaughter trial you will recall ended with a hung jury. he was the first of six officers to go on trial for the death of gray who died in the back of a police van last year. now to the race for the white house and the final push in new hampshire with less than 24 hours to go before the start of the first in the nation primary vote. candidates have been all around the granite state trying to court those last-minute undecided votes. bernie sanders remains ahead of hillary clinton in the latest polls, and donald trump holds a comfortable lead on the gop side. but the big question is who could follow him? nbc's lester holt sat down with marco rubio who had momentum coming out of iowa. >> reporter: you took a lot of criticism for saturday night. i mean, you have heard it, repeating the same line over and over again. but you've owned it. >> first of all, criticism from the people that cover politics, not from voters. i can tell you we had the biggest fund-raising night of my
5:35 pm
campaign, even bigger than any other debate, so we feel great about the metrics behind it. i'm going to continue to say it. one of the reasons i'm running for president is i believe barack obama is damaging this country, and it's not by accident. obamacare wasn't an accident. dodd/frank was not an accident. the deal with iran was not on accident. the unconstitutional executive orders were not an accident. it is part of a plan to change this country, and it's doing damage to america. >> every republican candidate will say the same thing, they'll criticize president obama, but do you think you did yourself some harm by the fact that you were mocked? >> no, because what voters heard me say -- mocked by press people but what voters heard me say was barack obama is damaging america. barack obama is trying to change america. i'm not only glad i got to say that, i will pay people to continue to repeat those lines for me because it is one of our key elements of our campaign. it was one of the reasons i'm running, because i believe our next president must be someone fully committed to undoing all
5:36 pm
this damage he has done to our country, so it's not the last time people are going to hear me say it. i'm going to say it repeatedly and if it bothers people in the press, that's not whose vote i'm aiming at. >> lester and the "nightly news" teams are in new hampshire. they'll have complete coverage after smus. and we have been asking you online who you think has the most momentum ahead of tomorrow's primary. you can see the results there. right now the largest number thinks donald trump has the momentum going in with pretty close tie between kasich, cruz, and rubio. snow, s-n-o-w. i'm going to go to the store and i'm going to stock up, and then i'm going to look out my window and watch two or three flakes fall. >> they're talking about one to three inches, but we'll probably get one inch. >> all right. here we go.
5:37 pm
well, v.j. and doug are all over it. you got to stick with them. our storm team4 team says this is a little trickier than last time. >> but we don't think it's a snow system where folks need to stock up but we'll see the change overnight. >> that change from rain to snow but it is a developing storm system and it's a lot tougher forecast so we will be here throughout the night. we will have more next hour at 6:00 and, of course, we'll be back at 11:00 tonight continuing to hammer this one out. >> when a lot of folks go to bed tonight they will just be seeing mainly rain showers. it's early tomorrow morning. if you get up around 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 a.m., if you have to be to work early when we get the bigger change. temperatures right now are in the low to mid-40s. upper 30s a lot of locations by 11:00 p.m. still above freezing many locations early tomorrow morning. 37, 35 degrees. yes, we'll be getting some snow but the snow will be very, very slushy. you can see right now we're tracking it.
5:38 pm
storm team4 radar, some of the first showers approaching from the southwest. we'll see this moisture overrun the area. we'll talk more about impacts to area roads coming up in just a few minutes. >> v.j., thanks. that other winter storm in new england has already turned deadly. how a 6-year-old died during a freak accident in the snow. a norovirus outbreak and a salmonella outbreak both at chipotle restaurants. now the mexican fast food chain now the mexican fast food chain is explaining
5:39 pm
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well, you may have noticed gas prices, they are plummeting still. the ample price for regular gas has dropped another 8 cents in the past two weeks and as the price you pay could continue to drop, consumer reporter susan hogan joins us now to explain what's behind all of this. >> it comes down to simple economics. it's all about supply and demand. pain at the pump? not right now. >> a person like me who is on a fixed income, that's really neat. >> reporter: as gas prices drop it cents at this springfield gas station, customers are enjoying a few extra bucks in their wallet. >> i drive all over town. i do a ton of miles and so to be able to have that extra little bit in the pocket is awesome. >> reporter: and we hey see the price of gas drop even lower over the next one to two weeks. according to aaa right now the average price of regular gas in the d.c. metro area is $1.80,
5:42 pm
just slightly above the national average. compare these numbers to just one month ago when prices in our area were at $1.95. and one year ago $2.20. so what's driving down the price of gas? a few reasons. an economic slowdown in china, the world's second largest oil consumer. the prospect of more oil coming from iran, and u.s. oil inventory recently hit record highs according to the energy information administration. on top of that, this time of year is typically when we see gas prices at their lowest since we consume less gasoline during the winter months. but the honeymoon may soon be over according to gas trackers. in mid-february through may prices may go up another 35 to 70 cents per gallon. i'm susan hogan, news4. got a bad back? imagine being able to get surgery with the help of a robot. find out how it's helping to cut
5:43 pm
down on recovery time and it could get one local dad back on his feet in time for his daughter's wedding. >> reporter: i'm tracee wilkins. coming up, the retrial of a man who is accused of orchestrating his uncle's murder from inside the prince george's county jail. we'll h
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
he's accused of putting a hit on his own uncle from jail. a jury couldn't reach a verdict during his first trial. now prosecutors are retrying brian mayhew in prince george'sgeorge's county. trissy wi >> reporter: well, he's already facing life plus 20 years for a double murder. his uncle was expected to testify against him in that trial but was murdered before he had a chance to. and now once again brian mayhew is being retried for his uncle's murder. the state is trying to once again convict brian mayhew and his two co-defendants of murdering his unclen icoh mayhew in 2012. the uncle was set to testify against his nephew. he was shot and killed out of his mother's apartment two months before the trial. according to the state, brian mayhew organized the hit while
5:47 pm
efforts lo he was locked up in the prince george's county jail through a series of illegal phone calls with his two co-defendants. the trial of his uncle's murder ended in a hung jury. the defense maintains that nicoh was a drug dealer with a lot of enemies and that even with the recorded jail calls and video of two suspects running to kill mayhew, the state has no real physical evidence, only circumstantial which may be what led to the hung jury last july. in one of the jail calls mayhew said you got to get all the way up. >> what do you think i'm going to do? >> i'm talking about what i would do, nothing less. in other call he said he may have his 2-year-old son there with him. saying that joint that got in the way, that may be with him. what about it?
5:48 pm
nothing. nicoh's 2-year-old son was shot but survived. it's also alleged that mayhew was able to threaten his uncle face-to-face when he came oto visit his brother in jail. that led to stricter training for jail officers. coming up on news4 at 6:00, the prince george's county jail is still looking for a new vendor to try and make sure that those illegal three-way conversations do not happen. we'll also explain why security is at an all-time high here inside of the shouscourthouse. v.j., after what we went through a couple weeks ago, i'm thinking this storm could be a piece of cake. does that sound right? >> it could be a piece of cake if we don't get ahead of ourselves because it's tomorrow afternoon late, tomorrow evening where i really think we'll start to see the snow pile up very quickly in some areas, especially north of d.c. where that winter storm warning has been posted. for us we're going to be in this
5:49 pm
a while, folks. for this evening though, it's just rain showers first. nothing to worry about. it's early tomorrow morning that roads will be impacted. hopefully when the crews get out there to treat those roads, it's not going to wash away a lot of the chemicals or the soft. winter storm warning in the pink. arn arundel county, howard county. northern areas of montgomery county up through frederick. in purple, winter weather advisory. prince george's county, fairfax, up into the rest of montgomery county and even northern areas of fauquier county. we have the warm pavement going for us. 37 to 41. early part of tonight, so it's just rain showers we'll see. by early tomorrow morning, look at this pocket here, aberdeen, areas of baltimore, gaithersburg, frederick, leesburg, all very close, if not under the freezing mark. that's where i think we'll really have to watch for area roads becoming very slick. so i etched this out in red for
5:50 pm
you. around 495, 70, 270, even areas out 66 could be slick with some slushy snow already on area roads. then again after 7:00 p.m., once the sun sets tomorrow, our temperatures will really start to drop and these roads will really start getting slick because it's still going to be snowing then, a little bit of snow mixing in with rain. i-95, we'll follow that towards areas of waldorf even. this whole area tomorrow will be dealing with slick roads. early tomorrow morning you can see those big flames coming down at 7:00 a.m. even at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, even at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, still some snow. that is the first part of the day. we have a lot of snow in the book ends. right in the middle the temperatures will be getting up to 37 to 38 degrees at noon time and 5:00 tomorrow. let's talk about how much we're going to get across the area. 1 to 3 there in the light blue. fairfax, d.c. 3 to 6 in the dark blue.
5:51 pm
gaithersburg, areas around frederick. i think on wednesday we're still looking at delays across the area with a few cancellations and some delays still likely on thursday, but thursday is going to be awfully cold. 29 your high temperature with windchills in the teens. same thing on saturday and sunday. 28 and 25. this is extreme dangerous kind of cold that's going to go through the upcoming weekend. doug has mar on the windchill temperatures on news4 at 6:00. right now, chipotle places blame for its two recent health scares. officials say sick employees caused two norovirus outbreaks last december and that tomatoes are likely the source of that e. coli trouble back in october. the fast food restaurant was closed for part of today for a company-wide food safety discussion with employees. in news for your health tonight, many of you have back pain and some of you will need surgery. back surgery often means long hospital stays and even longer
5:52 pm
recovery times. now there is a new way of tackling back surgery and it's cutting down significantly on recovery time. we talked with one of the doctors using this tege nochnoln our area at the reston hospital center. >> reporter: think of a robot and maybe this comes to mind. or this. but how about this small condition? the robot behind this complicated back surgery. >> this is being facilitated by a robotic system here which allows us to do the implant of the screws with more precision, less radiation, and in my opinion faster saving o.r. time. >> the patient, 83 years old, started having trouble walking last year. >> once on the trail i fell all of a sudden. >> in this patient's case, he's developed some really bad cysts and fluid in the joints.
5:53 pm
we'll take those sicysts off an drain the joints and put the anchoring screws in. >> and the doctor is using this robot to do it. he's performed the surgery 40 times, more than any other surgeon at reston hospital center. >> the robot is actually this device right here. this is the part that attaches to the patient. once the coordinates are given, this robot moves in all directions. this part right here is the guidance arm itself. once this part which is the robot is set and positioned, we place this guidance arm on top of the robot. >> reporter: although the robot does a lot of the work, this operation can't be done without the skill of a surgeon. >> there's a learning curve to it because despite the advanced technology, you can still not do it properly unless you're trained properly and have some experience. overall, studies show this is probably about 99% accurate.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: along with increased accuracy, the surgery also has a faster recovery time. >> standard recovery from an open incision is about three to sick months. with this approach guided by this robotic position, i usually tell patients one to three. >> reporter: that's great news for hung. he's hoping to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding in march and after that enjoy his life to the fullest. >> and i would like to have a very healthy life, whatever i have left after my retirement. >> after his retirement. he just had a post-op checkup last week and reports he is doing very well. seems like he's on target for his daughter's wedding next month. >> that is cool. pretty impressive stuff. like that shorter recovery time, too. pretty dramatic. coming up, it was a freak accident during a winter storm. a child killed by a fallen tree branch, and she wasn't the only one in a freak accident in this storm hitting new england. i'm darcy spencer.
5:55 pm
there are plans to close this child care facility that's run by montgomery college. >> i think it's selfish and it was not something that considered the students. >> reporter: what parents are kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
tonight as winter weather continues to wreak havoc on parts of new england, a community can't believe what happened. not once, but twice. two people from the same town hit and killed by falling frtre
5:58 pm
branches. with more snow falling, there's concern about how the rest of the town's trees will hold up. alicea rodriguez has our story. >> i have a lot of trees at my house and i have grandchildren and children and it's always been a worry. i just had one come down that missed my dog. >> reporter: on friday 6-year-old kalie kenyon died after a tree branch fell on her. that night a 48-year-old father was also crushed by a tree branch while tending to his backyard hockey rink. he died the next day. >> it's a little scary to know there were two deaths in canton just a couple days ago. it's pretty sad. a lot of people are pretty broken up. >> reporter: both were freak accidents that governor charlie baker says could have been anywhere. >> my advice would be to be very careful if you're outside and pay a lot of attention to that wind when it's blowing. >> reporter: and falling trees can also take down utility lines. >> we lost our power the other
5:59 pm
day, so i'm hoping we don't today but i'm sick of the snow already. >> reporter: contractors say they worked through the weekend hoping to avoid it happening again. >> we're trying to get ready for the storm that's coming in right now because obviously we're catching up on the last one. >> just see a lot of big trees on the lines and we try to clear it out as soon as possible before either it blows or comes down. news4 begins now with storm team4. >> now at 6:00, warnings and advisories already posted. there is snow in the forecast, and it's moving in overnight and into tomorrow. we're not expecting a lot, but the timing could create some challenges during our morning commute. crews are already pretreating the roads. tonight we have team coverage of the conditions and the precautions. >> we'll start with doug up in the weather center. >> tracking that system moving in right now. as you look outside, current temperatures, we're still in the 40s across the area. anything that falls for the next few hours will fall in the form
6:00 pm
of rain and that's something we've been mentioning all day today. we talked about it last night. let's show you what's happening over the next couple days because we have the winter storm advisories, winter weather advisory in the purple here. winter storm warning in and around the areas of pink. the reason is because this is the area that is the bull's-eye as far as the most snow goes. this is in effect at 10:00 tonight through 6:00 a.m. wednesday. so, again, we're talking d.c., prince george's county, parts of montgomery, southern montgomery and fairfax county and everybody to the west underneath that winter weather advisory. in the pink it is that winter storm warning. now, it looks like a lot of rain trying to move in, but very dry atmosphere. so a lot of this not quite reaching the ground but we are starting to see some shower activity, sprinkles starting to hit the ground down to the south. that will help to saturate the atmosphere and bring in the rain. one thing i want you to notice, very disorganized system. this is a very large trough of low pressure. very large area of low pressure, but it's got a


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